Green Homes - The Deltec

One of the newest homes built last year on The Farm is a Deltec, an 8-sided round house "kit," also known as "The Original Green Home."

The components for the home, including roof trusses, floor system and pre-wired wall panels with exterior siding, are all manufactured with green energy generated by 273 solar panels at the company's facility in North Carolina, and then delivered and assembled on site.


Round homes are more energy efficient, exposing less outside surface area while maximizing the amount of enclosed square footage.

floor system

Improved aerodynamics means there are less drafts, with improved overall comfort along and lower heating and cooling costs.

Combined with soy based spray foam insulation, the walls have virtually the same R value of a 4 inch SIP or Structurally Engineered Panel.

Buyers also have the option of upgrading to a 6 inch wall.

The home here on The Farm incorporates passive solar design with primary windows installed on the south side of the home.

A two foot roof overhang helps block out the higher elevation summer sun while allowing the lower elevation winter sun to pass through the windows bringing warmth and sunlight into the interior.


passive solar
In addition, "light tubes" have been installed to bring passive solar lighting into the interior rooms.

An exterior deck wraps around the home, constructed of locally milled sassafras, which is naturally rot and bug resistant.

The kitchen, living area and bedrooms all have bamboo flooring.

All in all it is a beautiful and unique living space.


living room - Deltec

kitchen - Deltec

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