The Farm Experience: Spiritual Practice

Sunday Workshop: Steps Along the Spiritual Path

The Farm was founded as a spiritual Community based on the direct experiences shared by a generation. This unique time in our cultural history opened doors to greater understanding on the nature of energy which forms the foundation of our relationship to the universe.

A facet of every Farm Experience Weekend is personal rejuvenation and healing, achieved through focus on our collective consciousness, what Zen Buddhists refer to as "polishing the mirror."

Highlights of the weekend include:

  • Yoga
  • Group Meditation
  • Raising the Spiritual Energy through Music and Song
  • Communion with Nature...and more!

As your host, I will be sharing with you the unique insights that we have developed over the last 40 years of life in spiritual community.



In my time here I have had the opportunity to travel much of the world and experience many cultures.

I have been immersed in the brilliance of life's greatest joys and have been cut by its deepest sorrows, utilizing a connection to something greater than myself to light and guide my way on this path we call a journey to higher consciousness.

Join us as we come together for a very special weekend.
Liberate your mind! Rejuvenate your soul!

Douglas Stevenson
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We will gather in circle that every heart
may be opened, and every voice be heard.

Douglas Stevenson

  • Farm member from 1973 on the path of nonviolence
  • 2 years in Guatemala and 7 months in Belize doing relief work
    Assistance to The Huichol Center, Mexico
  • Founding member of PeaceRoots Alliance
  • Musician - leading group song and chants
  • Workshops:
    Insights of The Spiritual Path Mindfulness Meditation
    Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation The World Peace Diet

Douglas videoing the pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala

One of my recent insights is to recognize that The Farm has an abundant resource of teachers. The breadth of experiences, knowledge and wisdom I find among my friends is a remarkable gift. It is their ability to share...humbly offering their piece of the truth, gained through study and directly from life's lessons, that makes these folks so valuable.

The teachers and participants for each weekend vary, based on who is available. Below, let me introduce you to my good friend, a strong and inspiring woman who will be with us for the upcoming spiritual retreat.

sacred fire
Fire is a sacred spirit in traditional Huichol life.

Susan Skinner - Plant Spirit Medicine and the Huichol Tradition

A member of The Farm Community for nearly 40 years, Susan Skinner is both a leader and a teacher. A practicing Plant Spirit Medicine healer, for the past decade Susan has been traveling to Mexico to receive advanced training in the Huichol and Nahuatl traditions.

The Huichols are a Native American tribe who have preserved their shamanic skills and knowledge. Susan is a founder of the Sacred Fire Foundation, a movement that builds community through monthly gatherings to celebrate the sacred energy of the fire circle.

Often our weekends coincide with Sunsan's Fire Circles, held each month as a tool for building community connections and a direct interaction with natural forces.

susan skinner
Susan Skinner

Peter Kindfield & Teacher and Principal

Peter Kindfield is a PHD education administrator that left the NY Public School system to fulfill his vision of alternative education that creates leaders who question authority.

Now principal of The Farm School, he is also a Tai Chi Master.

In this workshop Peter will lead us on the fundamentals alternative thinking and educational models that are centered on community.

Farm School
Peter Kindfield

Spiritual Midwifery

The Farm is the home of Spiritual Midwifery, and birth is considered one of the sacraments we treasure.

Weekends include an opportunity to meet with one of the midwives to explore this important aspect of The Farm's spiritual life.

Deborah Flowers
Spiritual Midwifery and the Art of Birth

Left - We like to start Saturday morning of our weekend events with a bit of yoga, a refreshing way to launch the day.

Right - The view from the Meditation Meadow

meditation meadow


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