Women's Retreat June 1-3, 2013 register online
Sisters, Mothers and Daughters

Join us as we come together to build on our inner strength and awaken our power as the source of all life in the universe.

  • Sharing Circles
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Connection with Nature
  • Exercises to build bonds
  • More to come!

Stay tuned for details!

midwifery students

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Make this weekend and opportunity to reconnect or build a deeper connection between mother and daughter.

As family the lessons to be shared run deep.

By taking the time to open up channels of communication, the potential for insight and awakening in this very special relationship can be amplified and taken to a new level.

daughter and mother
Use this retreat as an opportunity to build the bond between mother and daughter

Bring a sister along and invigorate this other vital family connection.

Invite your best friend to join you.

We have to make time for these relationships to blossom.


Share what you've learned.

Everyone of us has something to teach.

women on The Farm
Coming together

No conference of this kind would be complete without a connection with The Farm Midwives, spiritual midwifery.

A frank and open discussion on the joys and trials of motherhood.


Workshops and Activities
Farm School
Green Buildings and Homes Tour
Our 14th year!

community dinner
Life in Community

Gardening and Growing Food
Meditation & Yoga
The Spiritual Path

Health and Diet

Experience the Land April 12-14
swan trust

Community & Sustainability Conference May 22-24FIC..

Organic Gardening Intensive
June 3-7 Five Days of hands-on gardening as well as garden tours on and off-The Farm to visit the nearby Amish community, permaculture homesteads, and more...more
Summer Retreat July 15-19
Swimming, hiking, kid activities, workshops and GREAT FOOD! Fun for the entire family. Includes camp sites. Click here for a list of accommodations
Midwifery Workshops
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Camp sites include
water, shower and bathroom facilities.
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True Sustainability

The Farm's Green Home Gallery


Women of Power and Strength: Hosts and Workshops Leaders

Host Alayne Chauncy

  • Mother
  • Manager of the Ecovillage Hostel
  • Board member for The Farm Community 2007 -2010
  • Herbalist and healer

Alayne has lived on The Farm since 2001 when she came to give birth to her daughter.  She feels that it was the best choice her daughter has ever made for the family. 

Working at the Ecovillage Training Center (www.thefarm.org/etc) has opened up a world of opportunities in Natural building and sustainable living for Alayne and her husband Jaysun.  Learning the different modalities of building has inspired them to build their own home with cordwood and straw clay slip on The Farm.  It is a feature during the tours. 

Alayne is currently enrolled with The East West School of Herbology www.planetherbs.com  This professional course is furthering her knowledge and work with herbs.  Alayne will be leading a talk on herbal healing and concocting.  Samples of her own teas and salves may be available.


Alayne Chauncy
Alayne Chauncy
Additional women teachers in the community  

Kathleen O'Connor, MA - Shamanic Perspectives

Farm member Kathleen O'Connor has spent the last two decades studying the intersection of mind, body and spirit. By guiding others to the non-ordinary experience of self-exploration and introspection, she seeks to empower a richer dynamic of joy and love that can be recognized and embraced by all.

Kathleen hosts a variety of workshops:

Discovering the Sacred Self: Sneaking past ego gates to discover who we are under who we think we are supposed to be.

Shamanic Healing Drumming: Ways to attach ourselves to Earth's healing and Sun's boost to reclaim soul bits and pieces lost along your path...and more. I am thrilled to have her participation in our upcoming weekend.

Kathleen O'Connor
Kathleen O'Connor, MA

Susan Skinner - Plant Spirit Medicine and the Huichol Tradition

A member of The Farm Community for nearly 40 years, Susan Skinner is both a leader and a teacher. A practicing Plant Spirit Medicine healer, for the past decade Susan has been traveling to Mexico to receive advanced training in the Huichol and Nahuatl traditions.

The Huichols are a Native American tribe who have preserved their shamanic skills and knowledge. Susan is a founder of the Sacred Fire Foundation, a movement that builds community through monthly gatherings to celebrate the sacred energy of the fire circle.

Saturday afternoon Susan will lead a workshop that introduces you to some of the things she has learned through her years of study in these ancient traditions. Saturday evening we'll gather with her around the community fire circle and be together in this sacred space.

susan skinner
Susan Skinner
The Farm Community has a long history of women meeting to share knowledge and insight.
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